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Preventive Dental Care

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Preventive Dental Care

According to research, many Americans lack preventive oral health care. Although a study in the previous decades shows some improvements on this trend, there has been a continued gap between racial groups. For the research, scholars examined telephone survey data gathered from some 650,000 older and middle-aged adults in the year between 2005 and 2016. The researchers established that the number of Americans who accessed preventive dental care improved during the study period. (more…)

What are the 5 Most Common Electrotherapy Mistakes?

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What are the 5 Most Common Electrotherapy Mistakes?

Before we go ahead with explaining what are the 5 most common electrotherapy mistakes, let’s review what electrotherapy really is.

Electrotherapy represents the use of different sources of electricity for therapeutic purposes. Electrotherapy uses electrical signals in order to interfere with the transmission of pain signals into the brain. Electrotherapy is applied at the hospital or a proper rehabilitation center, by a trained and experienced physical therapist. (more…)

Why Hot Towel Cabinets are a Spa Essential

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Why Hot Towel Cabinets are a Spa Essential

Hot towel cabinets are found in salons across the country and their main purpose is simple: to heat towels. Warm towels are used for a wide range of purposes in salons. Massage therapists often utilize them in their heat therapy treatments. They are also convenient and luxurious for warming up after a soak or shower. Learn more about the benefits of towel cabinets and why they’ve become essential professional spa supplies. (more…)

Improving Movement Time With Chiropractic Adjustment

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Improving Movement Time With Chiropractic Adjustment

Movement time and the reaction time is very important to the success of athletes. Chiropractic adjustment helps in improving reaction time. Many athletes use chiropractic adjustments as part of their overall fitness, health care, and maintenance program. (more…)

Tips to Help Your Loved One Adjust to Assisted Living

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Tips to Help Your Loved One Adjust to Assisted Living

Transitioning into a new home is never easy, especially for seniors. Moving often means downsizing, which can be hard as seniors are forced to let go of their personal belongings. However, a move to an assisted living community is often in the best interest of seniors who need extra help with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, and toileting. To make the adjustment to assisted living easier, follow these tips.

Prepare Them Ahead of Time

One of the best things you can do for your loved one is prepare them for the big move. While still at home, help your loved one go through his or her things. Get rid of things that are no longer wanted or needed, and only take the essentials to ensure a tidy and organized new home. Go over all community rules, floor plan of the apartment, and the layout of the campus.

Continue Their Routines

Many seniors enjoy their routine and may feel anxious without it. While not all routines can be transitioned to a Chicago assisted living facility, some can. For example, if your mother usually starts her morning with the newspaper, make it happen. Make the necessary arrangements for daily delivery of the newspaper.

Create a Homey Feel

chicago assisted livingBy bringing along a few comfort items, you can make your loved one’s new apartment feel just like home. Maybe a familiar blanket or some family photographs on the nightstand. Having these items in plain view is a great way to create a home-like feel.

Maintain Communication

Seniors moving to a new home may feel isolated or lonely at first. Until they make new friends, it’s important to maintain a friendly line of communication. Ensure that your loved one has a telephone, knows how to use it, as well as an address book with all of your contact numbers. Tell your loved one when they can expect your call.

Provide Encouragement

Some seniors may need extra encouragement when first arriving at an assisted living community. They may be hesitant about wandering the community and instead may stay indoors. Motivate your loved one to make friends by joining a club, participating in a community activity, or sitting with another resident in the dining hall.

For many seniors, the move to senior housing can be challenging. Make the transition easier on your loved one by providing the tools and motivation necessary to thrive in a new environment.

Wood or Plastic: A Cotton-Tipped Applicator Question Worth Considering

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Wood or Plastic: A Cotton-Tipped Applicator Question Worth Considering

For a basic product, a bit of cotton on a stick, cotton-tipped applicators have quite a few available options to choose from.  Although most often the tip is made of cotton, there are also possibilities to get the tip made out of synthetic fibers or of foam instead.  Cotton tends to be the most absorbent and also preferable, therefore most common, option.  The other choice when making your selection is sterile or non-sterile and there are various applications and needs for each.  Lastly, there is a choice of stick.  Although most are made from wood, typically a white birch or something similar with less chance to splinter, plastic is also gaining popularity as an alternative stick material.

When deciding which material is preferable for use in your dental office, you’ll want to consider a few things.  First has to do with whether you’re purchasing sterile or non-sterile.  Most offices enjoy the flexibility of non-sterile applicators as there is a cost savings over buying them sterile and then it is possible just to autoclave them in the office as needed.  If this is an option preferable to have available in your office, then purchasing applicators with plastic handles poses a problem since you would not be able to put plastic in the autoclave.

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The other challenge that many experience with plastic is that it tends to be less sturdy than wood.  This becomes most noticeable in the six inch variety of applicators where the integrity of the material is subject to additional stress and pressure over a longer area.  The plastic applicators tend to bend and kink with much less pressure than it would take to bend and snap a wooden base.

The biggest potential risk with wood is that if it were to break or splinter, it could create much more discomfort than simply a kink in plastic. Some also occasionally prefer the comfort and feel of the smooth plastic surface as opposed to wood and a plastic base wouldn’t absorb any moisture or fluids so depending on your typical use, this might alter your selection.

In the end, both are quality materials that will get the job done.  If you want to have autoclaving as an option to save some money on buying sterile cotton tip applicators then wood is the only way to go.  Otherwise, your best choice could be whatever type happens to be more readily available or on sale.

Doctors have the ways to improve healthcare, but how?

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Doctors have the ways to improve healthcare, but how?

Every patient wants to receive best available healthcare; doctors have ways to provide that, but not many of them will agree that we can truly get a high-quality healthcare. When you ask average American about this matter, he won’t be able to answer you properly on this question; he isn’t sure where to find proper health care. But most of them have same expectations; they want to stay healthy, they want quick access to the healthcare system and only to be charged on what they can afford.
What actions can physicians take to improve healthcare
They can increase the awareness about obesity
Doctors need to help their patients feel better and exercises on a daily basis, advise them on their diet and help them maintain the regular weight that is appropriate for their age and bodily structure. More than two-thirds of Americans suffer from overweight. According to this, every doctor can advise its patients and suggest them which diet to use, to overcome this problem.
Help them eliminated addictive substances
11931002_1177455882281388_5955597329469915004_oSmoking and alcohol have become our every day’s habits, and this results in many dangerous conditions, such as lung cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Doctors could engage more in patients’ lives and provide them more constructive advice. They need to organize management counseling about dangerous abuse of these substances and help them stop with such behavior. Today’s use of cigarettes, alcohol and other psychoactive drugs has come to the shockingly high limits.
Advise them to use preventive checkups
doctorDoctors should implement their knowledge of medicine to increase patients’ yearly checkups. They should recommend them screenings, test, and vaccines. A preventive medical checkup can dramatically decrease the rate of dying from heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. With their preventive advice, they can avoid more than 200,000 strokes and heart attacks yearly in U.S.
Patient should come first
Doctors and medical personnel should put into effect rigorous practice and assure patients stay infection free and decrease medical errors. By some studies, 100,000 dies every year due to medical errors. If a patient developed an infection, sepsis, or has a bad reaction to the medicine, it has higher chances to die in hospital. Since the age of Hippocrates, avoiding medical harm has been the highlight of this profession.
Unwanted pregnancy
61b67453798c03a8605a25adf9e8dee3Every doctor should advise expectant mothers on how to maintain their pregnancy, to look after the baby’s health and help them deliver safely. More than 50% of pregnancies in U.S are unplanned and the medical care in those first months has proven to be crucial. If the mothers have the appropriate medical care, they can avoid fetal or maternal complications. Good diet and elimination of alcohol and cigarettes are the key things on which to focus.
Everyone should have access to healthcare
It is a most important thing for every high-quality medical system. Every patient should have the right to the treatments, wound care supplies, test, and screenings. But still, a lot of Americans struggle to have proper healthcare.

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