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Doctors have the ways to improve healthcare, but how?

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Doctors have the ways to improve healthcare, but how?

Every patient wants to receive best available healthcare; doctors have ways to provide that, but not many of them will agree that we can truly get a high-quality healthcare. When you ask average American about this matter, he won’t be able to answer you properly on this question; he isn’t sure where to find proper health care. But most of them have same expectations; they want to stay healthy, they want quick access to the healthcare system and only to be charged on what they can afford.
What actions can physicians take to improve healthcare
They can increase the awareness about obesity
Doctors need to help their patients feel better and exercises on a daily basis, advise them on their diet and help them maintain the regular weight that is appropriate for their age and bodily structure. More than two-thirds of Americans suffer from overweight. According to this, every doctor can advise its patients and suggest them which diet to use, to overcome this problem.
Help them eliminated addictive substances
11931002_1177455882281388_5955597329469915004_oSmoking and alcohol have become our every day’s habits, and this results in many dangerous conditions, such as lung cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Doctors could engage more in patients’ lives and provide them more constructive advice. They need to organize management counseling about dangerous abuse of these substances and help them stop with such behavior. Today’s use of cigarettes, alcohol and other psychoactive drugs has come to the shockingly high limits.
Advise them to use preventive checkups
doctorDoctors should implement their knowledge of medicine to increase patients’ yearly checkups. They should recommend them screenings, test, and vaccines. A preventive medical checkup can dramatically decrease the rate of dying from heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. With their preventive advice, they can avoid more than 200,000 strokes and heart attacks yearly in U.S.
Patient should come first
Doctors and medical personnel should put into effect rigorous practice and assure patients stay infection free and decrease medical errors. By some studies, 100,000 dies every year due to medical errors. If a patient developed an infection, sepsis, or has a bad reaction to the medicine, it has higher chances to die in hospital. Since the age of Hippocrates, avoiding medical harm has been the highlight of this profession.
Unwanted pregnancy
61b67453798c03a8605a25adf9e8dee3Every doctor should advise expectant mothers on how to maintain their pregnancy, to look after the baby’s health and help them deliver safely. More than 50% of pregnancies in U.S are unplanned and the medical care in those first months has proven to be crucial. If the mothers have the appropriate medical care, they can avoid fetal or maternal complications. Good diet and elimination of alcohol and cigarettes are the key things on which to focus.
Everyone should have access to healthcare
It is a most important thing for every high-quality medical system. Every patient should have the right to the treatments, wound care supplies, test, and screenings. But still, a lot of Americans struggle to have proper healthcare.

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